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Half tray - $45 (Approx. 35 meatballs) | Full tray - $80 (Approx. 72 meatballs)
Sterno racks & sternos are available

Half Tray - $45 (35 meatballs)Full Tray - $80 (70 meatballs)

Famous Meatballers Catering

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Delivery Orders will only be accepted for the following areas: Queens, Nassau County, & Western Suffolk County

Place your order today for FREE HOME DELIVERY of a half or full tray of our delicious meatballs starting at just $45!

The Famous Meatballers catering package will bring everyone around the table! Our authentic homemade meatballs are perfect for all occasions and will keep your event within the budget! So weather you are having a business meeting, a birthday party or just a social gathering, you and your guest will be able to enjoy our meatballs within minutes!

Available Delivery to Queens, Nassau County, and Western Suffolk County. Questions? Want to place an order? Call Joe at 877-990-5580 or fill out the form on this page to get started!

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