Let's Meet Around the Table and Have a Ball

Family and Food Make the Perfect Affair

The difference between a good meal and a great meal is the people you’re dining with. The best company for a lunch or dinner is the company of your family. Catch up with your spouse, parents, siblings, or children over a delicious meal to make memories and satisfy your appetite.

Long Island Authentic Meatballs

Another way to incorporate family into your meals is by digging up old family recipes. Enjoyed your great-grandparent’s signature casserole, but haven’t attempted the recipe yourself? Try making this dish yourself or dining at a restaurant that serves something similar. This meal can spark nostalgia and feel comforting.

Individuals can also add personalization to a meal by looking up their family tree. Certain regions of the world have signature dishes that may tie into your ancestry. Check out your heritage and try some dishes that your ancestors may have made decades ago.

Opt for family-style meals and enjoy passing food around the table, sharing plates, and enjoying one another’s company. Order food or cook oversized entrees to feed everyone. A family meal can feel complete when loved ones bring their own homemade dishes or favorite foods to the dinner, so encourage potlucks for family dinners or holidays. This also makes the process of cooking a little easier on the host.

An additional way a host can lighten their responsibilities is by purchasing homemade meatballs from The Famous Meatballers. Our Long Island based company is known for our fresh and frozen meatballs, which can make their way to your family’s table. Enjoy the meatballs on their own or in a signature pasta dish.

Learn more about our meatballs by visiting our website or reaching out to The Famous Meatballers by phone at 877-990-5580. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to become a part of your family’s meal traditions!

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