Let's Meet Around the Table and Have a Ball

Happy National Nutrition Month!

In 1973 a presidential proclamation instituted the first National Nutrition Week. Since then, America’s focus on nutrition has grown, and we now honor our health with the whole month of March. There are many easy ways to steer you and your family toward a healthier lifestyle!

Meatballs from The Famous Meatballers

Businesses know how overworked both adults and children can feel these days – and so they offer fast, low-nutrition meals that fit any budget. While a fast-food meal is a fun occasional treat, take a little time each week to plan that week’s nutritious meals. You will recoup the planning time by reducing last-minute scrambling each day.

We tend to look at our health as a “problem to be solved,” but stressing about food reduces the joy of a great meal and could actually lead to binging. Take the kids to a local farm stand and cook a few meals a month as a family. The pleasure and gratitude you feel will nurture body and soul.

Remember your mom bringing out her old, brown crockpot? Slow cookers are regaining popularity and for good reason. This cooking style requires little fat, clean-up is relatively easy, prep-time is comparatively low, and the tasty meals feel the whole family.

Any change in lifestyle can feel daunting if you try to tackle the whole quest at once. You’re more likely to enjoy your health journey by taking a slower pace. Every week or so, swap in a raw veggie for chips – it will feel good and it won’t require too much willpower.

As we continue to learn about the disadvantageous effects of gluten on the body and mind, and with the rise in popularity of the keto and paleo diets, health-conscious people are choosing meals centered around high-quality protein and vegetables. Meatballs prepared by The Famous Meatballers make a quick and tasty centerpiece to a variety of healthy dishes. Grab a pack at any of our dozen retailers on Long Island, or give us a call at 877-990-5880 with questions.

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