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Meet Our Chef!

We here at The Famous Meatballers want you to meet our chef! Joe Chiodi is the chef behind our signature meatballs. His recipe is a combination of USDA ground beef and a secret blend of spices and ingredients. The recipe was inspired by a local firefighter, as well as Joe Chiodi’s mother-in-law’s original homemade meatball creation.

Joe Chiodi

Joe Chiodi is a New York City firefighter at Engine 262. Throughout his tenure, he has kept busy by feeding his “brothers” savory meals. Joe Chiodi is passionate about cooking and firefighting, and combined these two passions through The Famous Meatballers. As the chef behind this recipe, he has won several awards and received recognition through multiple television appearances. Some of Joe Chiodi’s titles include a third-place finish at the Battle of the Boroughs, NYC, third place at the 2013 Iron Skillet in NYC, second place at the 2014 Iron Skillet in NYC, and a first-place finish in Rachel Ray’s 7th Annual 5 Alarm Cook-Off.

Joe Chiodi’s childhood consisted of a father who loved to eat and a mother who loved to cook. Today, Joe Chiodi continues the comfort and passion that his parents instilled in him at an early age. Currently, Chiodi lives in Wantagh, New York with his wife Meagan and their two children, Gianna Bella and Joseph Louis Chiodi, Jr.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our chef! We here at The Famous Meatballers are passionate about food and family, and hope to share our meatballs with your family. You can find our pre-cooked meatballs at a location near you, or you can call 877-990-5580 to place an order. We look forward to being a part of your family dinners!

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