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Summer BBQs are the Best, Especially with Meatballs!

Summer is filled with trips to the beach, picnics, and road trips, but barbecues are the best part of summer. Barbecues are an excellent excuse for enjoying some delicious food, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the warm weather. This summer, spice up your barbecue with some Famous Meatballers meatballs!

The Famous Meatballers Meatballs on Toothpicks

Barbecues typically feature hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as chips, fruit salad, and popsicles. To make your barbecue stand out, order some Famous Meatballers meatballs. Our meatballs are easy to prepare and sure to please your guests. Use our meatballs to make a sandwich or serve as appetizers at your summer cookout.

Another perk of summer barbecues are the backyard games. Backyard games inspire nostalgia and are fun to play with friends and family of all ages. They can also help you burn some calories before eating a hearty summer meal. Set up a net to play volleyball or badminton, or toss around a football or baseball. Some other popular backyard games include horseshoes, cornhole, and croquet.

Barbecues are an all day and all night event. During the day, fire up the grill and entertain your guests. Then, once everyone is done eating and the sun sets, you can start up a campfire to keep the party going. Roast marshmallows, tell stories, and make s’mores for an unforgettable summer barbecue.

Barbecues are the best part of summer because they combine everything we love about summer into one event. Spend time with friends and family, eat your favorite foods, listen to your favorite music, and so on this summer. To make your barbecue extra special, order some Famous Meatballers meatballs. You can place a catering order for a half tray (35 meatballs) or a full tray (72 meatballs) on our website. We can provide sterno racks and sternos if need be. For further details, call 877-990-5580 today!

Long Island Meatballs for Summer BBQs

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