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You Can Now Find Our Meatballs at Total Wine Spirits & More in Westbury!

What’s even more amazing than The Famous Meatballers Italian Style meatballs? How about our Italian style meatballs are now available at Total Wine Spirits & More! Now you can enjoy our Famous Meatballers meatballs and your favorite wine pairing at the same time with a single stop.

Total Wine Spirits & More’s store in Westbury Plaza, located at 1230 Old Country Road Suite A in Westbury, is open daily until 8:00 PM on Monday-Wednesday, 10:00 PM Thursday- Saturday, and 9:00 PM on Sundays. You will find an amazing selection of wine and spirits at the best prices. They are independently owned and operated and will work hard to exceed your expectations on every visit.

Total Wine Spirits & More in Westbury

Speaking of wine, let’s look at some pairings of wine with Famous Meatballers Italian style meatballs. A good wine will enhance the flavor of our meatballs, so don’t hesitate to pick up your favorite red at Total Wine Spirits & More when you stop there to pick up The Famous Meatballers.

Traditional — Most people are familiar with the dry and heavy Chianti, but you may also be interested in a Valpolicella, which is lighter than a Chianti with a little bitterness to it. You can choose from the more expensive Amarone or choose the sweeter Ripasso which by the way has more alcohol content. Whoopee!

On a budget — A good Lambrusco will always complement meatballs or pastas, if you are willing to enjoy a sweeter wine. If you prefer drier reds, look at choices from California, Washington State, or South America. There are also good inexpensive reds coming from Australia. These include cabernet sauvignon, merlots, or a Malbec. Malbecs are among the sweetest of this group and can be served chilled if you prefer. The other reds should be served at room temperature to fully enjoy their bouquet.

Want to spend more? — Look at Chianti or sangiovese blends from Italy’s Tuscan region. Leave Italy and look at pricier French or Spanish reds. A Bordeaux might be a good choice if you want to spend a bit more.

Don’t forget the whites — Some folks don’t like red wines, and there is no reason to ignore wine just because you drink the whites. Good choices for our meatballs can include a chardonnay or pinot grigio to offset the heartiness of the meatball. If you like sparkling whites look at a prosecco which remains dry and fruity despite the sparkle.

However you choose to eat your Famous Meatballers Italian style meatballs, make sure to do it with wines from Total Wine Spirits & More!

Long Island Authentic Meatballs | Now Available at Total Wine Spirits & More

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